Health-Based Cleaning Services

Vacuuming a wood-paneled wall

Vacuuming up high— that’s where I almost always start cleaning! Check out how I choose vacuums for my services.


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Breathe easier

My mission is to create conditions for healthy, efficient cleaning. Little by little, as needed, I can help you:

  • Detox your cleaning closet and house dust.
  • Weed out any clutter getting in the way of safe, efficient cleaning.
  • Deeply clean— safely and efficiently.


Detoxing your cleaning closet and house dust

What are the least-toxic cleaners that might work in your home? I can help you find out. Here’s how it basically works.

What about endocrine-disrupting flame retardants? I can evaluate your home for sources  and help you phase them out. Cost-effectively.

Or you may need an environmental professional on board to test your home itself.  Contact Healthy Building Science, a leader in the San Francisco Bay Area.



Cleaning is extra time-consuming in a cluttered space. If you’re paying for cleaning, the extra labor adds up fast.

The idea is having less stuff to clean in the first place. Therefore, less need for cleaning services at all!

Together we’ll de-clutter one or two small areas per session, depending on how much stuff there is. And I’ll follow-up with a thorough cleaning.

Already highly organized?

If you answered yes, take a good look around.

Are you still seeing alot of stuff, however organized?

Time to de-clutter!

Not ready for decluttering yet?

No worries. Things can at least be contained now, in ways that keep dust and dirt out– and speed up cleaning at the same time!



Once your home’s free of toxic hazards and clutter, it can be cleaned safely and efficiently. Using a customizable prioritizing list, I can help you with the following.

Detailing, focusing mainly on dust, using your healthy vacuum. In contrast, most other services focus mainly on the kitchen and bathroom, and only cosmetically remove dust. So my service is a perfect complement to the service you likely already use.

Light kitchen and bathroom cleaning, using the least-toxic products that work.


Reach out for a healthier, cleaner home

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