Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones From Toxic Hazards


Are you and your loved ones exposed to toxic hazards at home?

If so, you’ll need to have the sources removed before I can clean safely. Or at least be making regular progress. This policy is for all my new customers.

Here’s how you can get there!


Cleaning Up Your Toxic Dust

Modern homes shed toxic particles from various sources. If you want to hire me, the sources you’ll need to take care of are the following.


Helping you switch to least-toxic consumer products

I’m now helping my customers make the transition, starting with new customers.


Testing Your Home for Chemical, Biological and Other Hazards

You use “eco” cleaning products. And you recycle, and save water. But do you know what chemicals you’re exposed to— day in and day out— in your indoor air? How about in your water and soil?  Be sure your home is a healthy one, for yourself and your loved ones. I’ve started the following resource list to help.



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