Enjoying a Whole-Food, Anti-Inflammatory Diet



So many diets out there. And so little time!

In my own life, I’m thoroughly enjoying a plant-based whole-foods diet. Paying careful attention to gluten-free, anti-inflammatory foods.

At 60ish, I’m thriving! Fingers crossed. 🙂

Of course, it’s not only me. Many others are benefiting from this same basic diet. And there’s more science behind it every day. Learn more from the following resources.


Plant-Based for Health

Nutrition expert Mary Gospe researches diverse health topics. And shares her findings in her excellent blog.

I love Mary’s holistic approach. She includes whole foods, avoiding toxic chemicals, meditation, and more.

You’ll find whole-food recipes there too, thanks to Kathy Gospe Parnay. The entree pictured above is one of Kathy’s creations.

By the way, read how Kathy helped her husband heal from aggressive prostate cancer through diet. That’s just one of the conditions a whole-food plant-based diet can help. But yes, that one’s a real biggie.

I adopted a plant-based whole foods diet in the late 1970s, and recently returned to it. I’m now focusing on anti-inflammatory, gluten-free foods. At 60ish, I’m thriving! Fingers crossed. 🙂


Dr. Andrew Weil’s Anti-Inflammatory Diet

So many conditions are now linked to chronic inflammation. A big culprit is inflammatory foods. Especially refined foods, and unhealthy fats.

Allow me to testify. I’m on a plant-based anti-inflammatory diet. And doing great at 60ish, as I say above.

Dr. Weil also recommends supplements, a few of which I take, including ginger and turmeric. They seem to work!


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