Finding Toxic-Free Consumer Products


Debra’s List

Since 1984, Green Consumer Advocate Debra Lynn Dadd has hand-selected sources that meet her toxic-free standards. Here on Debra’s List, you’ll find everything from air filters and cleaning supplies, to cookware and furnishings. And much more.

Debra’s the author of Toxic Free: How to Protect Your Health and Home from the Chemicals That Are Making You Sick. In this easy-to-read book, you’ll find simple, affordable solutions for food, cleaning, pests, water filters, decorating, and more. But especially important, you’ll learn how to understand toxics, read labels, detox your body, and protect the environment.

Debra was the first to write about nontoxic products for a consumer audience. And was my first product advisor, along with one of my first non-toxic customers. :)  That was in 1985, before anything green was cool.


Detoxing your home— helpful blogs

According to the New York Times, tens of thousands of chemicals in use have never been tested for safety. A good many of these are in our homes. But here’s the good news. You can detox your home. It’s simpler, and more affordable, than you might think. The following blogs, written by leading experts, are here to help. And yes, Debra’s List is among them.


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