Testing Your Home for Chemical, Biological and Other Hazards


For your peace of mind.

You use “eco” cleaning products. And you recycle, and save water. But do you know what you’re exposed to— day in and day out— in your indoor air? How about in your water?  Be sure your home is a healthy one, for yourself and your loved ones. I’ve started the following resource list to help.


Healthy Building Science (HBS)

Located in San Francisco, Alex Stadtner and his team of environmental professionals test homes to the highest standards in the fields of healthy homes and green buildings. HBS checks air, water and soil quality; allergens and asthma triggers; lead; asbestos; moisture and mold; EMFs, and more. Certifications among the team include Building Biology Environmental Consultant (BBEC), Certified Indoor Environmentalist, Certified Microbial Investigator, Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant, and more.

One of my customers recently hired HBS. This customer’s allergic to dust mites, and living with multiple chemical sensitivities. By hiring HBS, my customer’s doing his utmost to protect his health. Not to mention, I have fewer occupational hazards to worry about, as I help him on the cleaning front.

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