Healthy News— The First Nontoxic, Zero-VOC, Water-based Polyurethane


A two-item kit— Vermeister Zero VOC Polyurethane, and Zero VOC Boost.

Vermeister Zero VOC Polyurethane Kit. Vermeister is a water-based finish made without toxic ingredients. An “extremely low-odor product”, according to Green Building Supply where you can buy it.


I’m excited to tell you about Vermeister Zero VOC. According to Green Building Supply, where you can buy it, Vermeister is the first water-based polyurethane finish made without VOCs, solvents, or other toxic ingredients.

I’ll have Joel Hirshberg from Green Building Supply tell you more about Vermeister Zero VOC. But first, a quick polyurethane cleaning tip.

A polyurethane finish is easy to clean, as I’ve learned in my health-based cleaning service. And durable! For cabinets, simply wipe with a clean, dampened towel. Follow up with a dry towel to avoid any streaks. For floors, use a water-dampened cotton or microfiber mop.

Don’t use waxes or polishes on any polyurethane-finished surface. At best, it’s a waste of time. At worst, waxes and polishes build up, attracting dirt faster. Unfortunately, when I assess homes, I find a lot of this. Labels on waxing and polishing products should be clearer about usage. When in doubt, contact the company.

Now more on Vermeister Zero VOC. Here’s what Joel has to say.


Vermeister Zero VOC— hear it from Joel at Green Building Supply

Vermeister Zero VOC is the only water-based polyurethane finish made without VOCs, solvents, NMP or other toxic ingredients. This is an extremely low-odor product that’s safe for everyone, including those with allergies and chemical sensitivities.

Made for wood flooring or other millwork projects such as molding, cabinetry, stairs and art projects.

It’s available in the following sheen levels:
•    Matte (15 degree)
•    Datin (30 degree)
•    Semi-gloss (60 degree)

Why We Like It:

We’ve been waiting for decades for someone to finally make a completely safe polyurethane.

Now Vermeister has raised the bar and given us all the benefits of a new product that can be used by everyone without negatively impacting the indoor air quality.

Congratulations to them for this achievement. For all other manufacturers of polyurethanes, here’s the challenge for you to do likewise if you want to be competitive and protect our indoor and outdoor environment.


Your turn

Do you prefer polyurethane or wax finishes? Why?

Have you tried Vermeister Zero VOC? Tell us about it.

What are you doing to clean and maintain your wood finishes? How easy has it been for you? Are you happy with the results?

Are you chemically sensitive? If so, can you live with zero-VOC polyurethane finishes?

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