Regina’s List


Cleaning up toxics from your life

You’re eating organic food, and filtering your water. So why use household products that contain secret ingredients? Or ingredients you can’t even pronounce? Likely, you simply lack the time to find safer solutions.

I’ve long shared my finds with customers of my least-toxic cleaning service.  And with friends and family. It’s now time to share them with you, too.

So I’m planning Regina’s List— a simple way to find products and services for healthy homes. Here’s a sample of what you’ll find on Regina’s List.

Detoxing Your Home— Helpful Blogs

Detoxing Your Body— Health Care Practitioners

Finding Toxic-Free Consumer Products

De-cluttering and Simplifying Your Life

Gardens, Lawns and Landscaping


My disclosure…

You won’t find affiliate marketing links here. At least, not yet. But I may bring them in at a later point, to help support my time to maintain this site.


… and my disclaimer.

I’ve screened these resources as best as I can. However, I can take no responsibility for what you’ll find there. One reason is  because so many websites, along with products they promote, are constantly changing. So when you find anything that interests you, it’s your responsibility to verify it with experts you know and trust.

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