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Keep a healthy home for all your loved ones.

Keep a healthy home for all your loved ones. To learn about toxic chemicals in furniture, and toxic-free alternatives, check out OECOTEXTILES blog below, under “Decorating”.


What goes around, comes around…

According to the New York Times, tens of thousands of chemicals in use have never been tested for safety. A good many of these are in our homes. But here’s the good news. You can detox your home. It’s simpler, and more affordable, than you might think. The following blogs, written by leading experts, are here to help. Here’s some of what you’ll learn about.

  • Greener cleaning
  • Toxic-free consumer products
  • Environmental health
  • Healthy homes
  • And more!

But first, a big thanks to science communicator, Ben Young Landis, for his invaluable writing advice. Check out Better Know a Fish, Ben’s highly engaging blog about underwater species.

Of course, the fewer chemicals we use, the fewer chemicals end up in our waterways, and in the fish we eat.

In other words, what goes around, comes around.


Detoxing your home, one step at a time

The following blogs can help you figure out what’s safe, and what’s not. Among these blogs, you’ll find everything from cleaning and personal care, to cookware and furnishings. And everything in between.


General Information

Debra Lynn Dadd’s Toxic-free Q&A

Healthy Building Science

Dr. Laurel Standley’s Toxic Exposure Blog

Mary Cordaro’s Healthy and Green

The Soft Landing

Green Science Policy Institute— Science and Policy Blog

Dr. Karen S. Lee: Natural Living

Ron and Lisa, the Healthy Home Dream Team


Building materials

U.S. Green Building Council’s Green Home Guide: Healthy Home



Healthy Home Institute: Green Cleaning

Green Talk: Cleaning

The Green Cleaning Coach





Gardens, lawns and landscaping

J. Gil Organic— Teaching the Virtues of Organic Gardening and Land Care






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