Rates and Policies



Updated 7/2/16

Reasonable rates for health-minded customers

I specialize in health-based cleaning, using the least-toxic products that work.

My rates are competitive with other quality cleaning services in the San Francisco Bay Area. Mine are $155.00 for up five hours of work. Any hours over five, in one day, are $25.00 per hour.

Here’s how I can pull it off. You provide some materials, including a healthy vacuum. And I’ll bring the rest. In turn, I pass along my savings to you.

Please note: My rates are subject to cost-of-living increases. You’ll get at least a month’s notice.



Along with weekdays, I can work some weekends too.


  • Be home throughout the first day. Not to supervise, since I’m not your employee. But to inspect the work in progress, and make any changes as needed. And see if we make a good fit.
  • Be out for subsequent visits. That means everyone except certain pets. Unless we’re planning a project in person. Or if we’re working together, if that works for both of us.
  • Schedule any big projects for when you’re away for the weekend. Or better yet, on vacation. I’ve references for both.


On Your Day of Service


  • Make your supplies easily accessible.  The less time digging, the more spent cleaning!
  • Be sure windows can open in most rooms. In the bathroom, an operational fan will suffice.
  • Keep any pets in a secure area, away from work in progress. I’m great with most pets, and happy to feed and water as needed at my normal rates. But can’t be held liable.
  • Show me how to lock up. Any keys I keep will be coded; stored in a secure place; and returned upon termination of my services.


Customer Care

I’ve built this right in. Together you and I evaluate, and re-evaluate. And adjust things to meet your needs.

Expect oftendetailed emails— reflecting my often-detailed work. My emailing time is normally included.



Provided to potential customers on request. And I’m now on Yelp!  



Please inspect the completed work within 24 hours. If you’re not satisfied, I’ll redo the tasks in question at no charge. Or your money back.


Bonding and Insurance

I’m not bonded or insured.

However, you’re welcome to talk with as many customers as you wish. I provide a list of references for potential new customers on request.



I can’t be be held liable— or pay for— for any accidental damage or losses. So please:

  • Keep valuable, sentimental or breakable objects, and electronics cords, out of traffic lanes. And out the main path of cleaning.
  • Alert me to important electronic cords, especially if recordings or backups are in progress. I can’t pay for any related losses.


How can I help?

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