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Would you believe, this closet stores all the supplies that were the above photo! Here are the same supplies, back in the closet again. with even more stuff in there too— a broom and foam roller. Please note: I don't use brooms on dusty floors; they only launch more dust!

Materials my customers provide include a canister vacuum with tool attachments and extra bags; cotton towels; and microfiber mop. And a few more as listed below.


If you’re hiring me for my my health-based cleaning service, I’ll be providing some supplies. And you’ll provide the rest. In turn, I pass my savings along to you!


What I provide

I provide most of the smaller items, including the following.

  • Cleaning products, at least initially.
  • Detailing tools for the kitchen, bathrooms and “other rooms”.
  • Dust masks, gloves and knee pads.
  • Vacuum attachments, in some cases.
  • And more.

Some items will stay at your house for as long as the service continues.


What you provide

Please provide the materials summarized below. In turn, I pass along my savings to you.


Canister vacuum

Here are a few brands that can work, and the benefits of providing your own.

Not sure what a canister is? Or the difference it makes? Check out my blog post, Canister vs Upright— A Vacuum For Your Healthy Home.


Washer and drier

For towels, along with microfiber cleaning cloths and mopping pads.

Details here on the following:

  • Running the loads
  • Using safe laundry soaps
  • Avoiding dry sheets and fabric softener


Step stool and step ladder

Sturdy, for reaching higher surfaces.


And key tools

  • Towels. For damp-dusting, and wiping down the kitchen and bathroom. The best types are wash cloths and hand towels. Only 100%, highly-absorbent cotton works.
  • All-purpose microfiber cleaning cloths. Buy 1/2 dozen. I use microfiber sparingly, as a backup to towels. One reason is because unlike cotton, microfiber needs special laundering. Ask me about other reasons.
  • High duster. Used sparingly, for any dust the vacuum can’t reach. Ettore is one example.
  • Microfiber mop. A simple mop with flat head and machine-washable pads. Please have a Bona type handy.
  • Buckets with handles. You’ll need four three-gallon ones. Sturdy is key.

More details on request!


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