Meet Regina


Helping customers breathe easier since 1985

I launched one of the first health-based cleaning services in the U.S.

Here’s what that means. My service was among the first to use non-toxic, plant-based products— mainly the castile soap, baking soda and vinegar I still use today.  Check out my current product list (scroll down).

In 1985 I put up my first business card in a natural grocery store. It simply said “Nontoxic Cleaning”, with my contact info. I was immediately flooded with inquiries from those with allergies, asthma and chemical sensitivities. And from moms who wanted safer homes for their kids.

All before anything green was cool.

I’ve since added detoxing and de-cluttering to my services. Because my customers expect safe, efficient cleaning. How can one deliver that in a toxic, cluttered environment?

I now require all my customers to own a healthy vacuum cleaner. And to start addressing sources of toxic dust in their homes. And guess what— that’s most homes.

At 60ish I’m spending more time writing. But still doing a lot of work for a handful of health-driven customers. I’m honored to be on their health support teams.

More about me and my service is coming. Stay tuned!

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