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A healthy dining room in San Francisco
A healthy home is sustainably clean, and free of toxic hazards. My passion is discovering practical ways to get there.  And sharing the good news!


On a mission

I help professional women on the home front through my health-based cleaning service.

Inspired by The Precautionary Principle, I strive to use the least-toxic products that work. My health-savvy customers expect no less!


Teaching myself WordPress

My website design’s a work in progress. I’m teaching myself WordPress, along with Woo Canvas Theme. One baby step at a time! Meanwhile, I appreciate your patience with a few cosmetic bumps.


Planning a blog

I’m planning a blog to start sharing what I’ve learned in my least-toxic cleaning journey. Meanwhile, check out the following sample posts I’ve put up. And join my email list for updates!


Flame Retardant Free: Safer Sofa Foam Exchange

Your sofa may be making your family and pets sick. That’s because most foam sofas in the U.S. — old and new— are leaking toxic flame
 retardant chemicals.

But happily, there are safer options! You can buy a flame retardant free sofa. Or, more affordably, swap the foam in your seat cushions for foam that’s flame retardant free.


Canister vs Upright: A Vacuum for Your Healthy Home

Keeping a healthy home includes vacuuming, in detail, once a week or so. And of course, using a HEPA filter.

If you hate vacuuming, it’s a hard job to keep up! But detailing can be surprisingly easy with the right machine. That means choosing between a canister vs upright.


More topics are brewing!

Get a sneak peak in my first About This Blog post, Clean Solutions for Healthy Homes.


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