Make Room for Your Health


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A healthy home is sustainably clean, and free of toxic hazards. I’m here to share practical ways to keep a healthy home.

But first, a bit about me. I started one of the first cleaning services in the U.S. to go virtually toxic-free. That was in 1985, before anything green was cool. I  still serve a few loyal, health-savvy customers. Learn about my services here.


Welcome to my new website

I’m still constructing this new website. So you’re getting a sneak preview here! I’ll officially announce it working out a few cosmetic bumps. Otherwise, everything seems to be working so far.

I’m also starting my first blog! You’ll find my first posts, about flame retardants and vacuum cleaners, in my right sidebar.

I’m learning Wordrpess, and Canvas Theme from Woo Themes. So please be patient with me as I take my baby steps.  I’m seeing a few awkward spots already, which I’m busily working to solve. Including my Subscribe buttons. Feel free to offer your feedback!

Biz experts say not to launch until everything’s perfect. But they’re not building their sites and blogs between cleaning customers.  I knew that if I waited for perfection, I’d never have gotten this started at all. :)

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