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A healthy dining room in San Francisco
A healthy home is sustainably clean, and free of toxic hazards. My passion is discovering practical ways to get there.  And sharing the good news!


Creating healthier homes, one least-toxic cleaning at a time.

I help professional women on the home front with my health-based cleaning service.

Inspired by The Precautionary Principle, I use the least-toxic products that work. My health-savvy customers have come to expect no less!


Starting Regina’s List

You’re eating organic food, and filtering your water. So why use household products that contain secret ingredients? Or ingredients you can’t even pronounce? Likely, you simply lack the time to find safer solutions. So I’m starting Regina’s List to help.

I’m starting my list with resources for Detoxing your home, and Detoxing your body. I’ll gradually add more, between helping customers.


Teaching myself WordPress

I’m teaching myself WordPress, along with a fully-customizable Woo Canvas Theme. One baby step at a time! Meanwhile, I appreciate your patience with a few cosmetic bumps.


Simmering the back burner— my blog

I’m itching to blog, to share what I’ve learned in my least-toxic cleaning journey.

Hmmm… a blog is a major commitment. And my customers always come first. Meanwhile, check out the following sample posts I’ve published, all of which are still timely. And join my email list to stay in touch! It’s the green button to your right.


Flame Retardant Free: Safer Sofa Foam Exchange

Your sofa may be making your family and pets sick. That’s because most foam sofas in the U.S. — old and new— are leaking toxic flame
 retardant chemicals.

But happily, there are safer options! You can buy a flame retardant free sofa. Or, more affordably, swap the foam in your seat cushions for foam that’s flame retardant free.


Canister vs Upright: A Vacuum for Your Healthy Home

Keeping a healthy home includes vacuuming, in detail, once a week or so. And of course, using a HEPA filter.

If you hate vacuuming, it’s a hard job to keep up! But detailing can be surprisingly easy with the right machine. That means choosing between a canister vs upright.


More topics are brewing!

Get a sneak peak in my first About This Blog post, Clean Solutions for Healthy Homes.




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