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Updated 9/9/16


Creating cleaner, healthier homes— holistically

A healthy home is clean, and free of toxic hazards.

Finding practical ways to get there— and stay there— is the focus of my health-friendly cleaning service, and of this new blog. My first, by the way!’


Finding the least-toxic products that  work

Check out “Clean Like a Pro— With Organic Ingredients”. You’ll find three basic products that together can clean almost everything! I rely on all three every day in my service and at home.


Breathing easier

There’s no way around it— to create a healthy home, you’ll need a healthy vacuum cleaner.

If you suffer from dustmite allergies— or a respiratory condition like asthma, COPD or lung cancer— I’m hoping my recommendations will help. As health experts advise, avoiding triggers like dust and toxic chemicals is key. And as we’re all learning, common house dust carries toxic chemicals.


Your turn

What are your challenges— or victories— in keeping a clean, healthy home? Or using toxic-free cleaning products? Comment away!

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